I thanked Curt for the tip.

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The small car boom is ending.

Please don't interfere with my plan.

Nobody is going to tear down this house.

If you really want to get to know a place you have to go off the beaten track.

A shiver ran down my spine.

Come over here and give me a kiss.

We've got everything under control.

I forgot his address.

Kirk decided to drop out of school and work full-time.

Don't make noise. Keep quiet.

I did that earlier today.

I don't know that sector.

You should be in a hospital.

We want him to stay and help.

I love him despite his faults.

Belinda was convicted of tax evasion.

Have you already signed the contract?

Will you please show me the way?

Listen to me with your textbooks closed.

This is Dale's photo album.

Can we not talk about this now?

After cutting habanero peppers, be careful not to rub your eyes.

In Zen, adherents have to be mindful in living in the "now."

A mother rabbit keeps her babies warm with her own body.

You're going to be a good father.

Maybe I've been misinformed.

This is what I found.


Dave has a lot of potential.


A little bit of luck sometimes leads to an unexpected success.

Pamela took off his wedding ring.

Silence him before he uncovers anything newsworthy.

Do you have any other secrets I should know about?

Dan admitted to Linda that he had been having an affair.

I'll take care of it immediately.

You need not come here for the moment.

Talk it over.

I should've told him the truth.


What an unexpected pleasure!


An olive branch symbolizes peace.

Medicines must have a bitter taste, or else they won't help.

I heard it.

I don't mind that at all.

You should obey the traffic laws when you drive.

Has Panacea talked to you recently?

Are you volunteering to help?

Let me talk to you for a minute.

It is kind of you go out of your way to help me.

I'll be ready in two minutes.

I have a friend who works as a volunteer.

Lisa has complete faith in Shawn.

Did you ask Those out?

She came out on top.

Tell me how to play the game.

This machine is robust and emission-free.

Be gone!

Philae's landing site was named Agilkia.

I phone him every day.

How well did you know him?

I was starting to think Glen would sleep all day.

The regrettable thing is that he didn't even play at his highest level in the finals.

Frances is three years ahead of Maurice at school.

Reply me via mail only when you read and understand this.

They admired the lovely scenery.


My brother is not yet in school.

His standing up was the signal for everybody to start leaving the room.

My boyfriend discovered the erotic comics book that I had been hiding.

Francisco knew that Chet was sleepy.

We're here to see them.

Her job is to take care of babies.

I like what you've done.

A strange fish is on the hook.

I felt the same way when I first saw Japan from a plane.

I saw your friend the other day.

It makes me so happy.

My uncle gave me a pair of shoes.

That's something I would never do.

Terri walked around the island.

He is good.

How difficult is that going to be?

Excuse me, do you know what time it is?

Since you have a smart phone now, you can chat with me on Facebook any time.

The principal shook hands with each of the graduates.

Marcia took off after them.

Please don't let anyone know where I am.

I'm extremely overwhelmed.

You ate my sandwich.

A man can no more become a woman than a monkey can develop into a man.

Man always thinks about the past before he dies, as if he were frantically searching for proof that he truly lived.

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I didn't get an email from her today.

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All we know is that Richard is guilty.


The village has no electricity.

You owe me a favor.

You prayed that your daughters would forgive you.


I'm ready if you are.

I'm going to miss being a teacher.

She is as beautiful as her mother.

I lost something very important to me.

I like funny guys.


I called him up and asked his schedule.

Do you have a home in Italy?

There are religious issues we should keep in mind.

Keith rarely leaves the house on Monday.

A retail merchant buys wholesale and sells retail.

Bryce didn't have much choice.

I take it you disapprove.

I haven't the power to change the world.

How long have you guys been standing there?


I hope I don't let anyone down.

My electric razor is on fire.

Those colors go well together.

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"You owe me money." "No, I don't."


I can't afford to buy a bicycle.

Are you sure it was me?

Perhaps this is wrong.

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Isaac hurried to catch the train.

The other day, I got a call from her.

Hans thinks Emily's work is easy.

Heather isn't here, so I'm really sad.

Take a deep breath and then relax.

We always have options.

His parents tried to drive home to him the importance of a good education.

I fear for Lynnette's safety.

She'll succeed for sure.


I don't care how much it costs. I'm going to buy it anyway.

I got up at seven.

The children are having a snack on the patio.

I'm not supposed to talk to you about this.

Two soldiers kept guard at the gate.

You'll probably be swamped with responses.

I didn't ask Matthias to do that.


He likes to read the Chinese books his father wrote in the U.S.

Orville forgot to call Sumitro yesterday evening.

I've read every book here except this one.


Since I got married, I've quit working.


You should try and get some sleep.

Educational reforms still have a long way to go.

He approached and fell on his knees.

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Happy is the one who has not killed the child in his soul.

I thought Giovanni would be upset.

As the road was wet, the car must have slipped sideways.


You may use this car.

Admitting that he is honest, I doubt his ability.

The children made a small hole in the ground for their game of marbles.

When I was a child, I always went to the sea to swim.

That woman is very arrogant.

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This is the window broken by John.


Your son is not interested in studying.

How accurate is it?

I like to work.


I'll talk.

I'll play with Naoko this afternoon.

She almost said "I don't know".

I dug a huge pit with my shovel in just one day.

Don't trust anybody.

Mr. White seems to have many friends.

I'm not happy.

Keep her there.

I carelessly ran into the telegraph pole.

The birthday festival is based on a legend colorful flowers and honeydew fell from the sky when Buddha was born

Extra special treatment is imperative to get the vessel through government red tape, so that she can leave port on time.


He stands alone as a conductor of ballet music.

If the elephant is gone, who sulks for the tail?

People are becoming more and more aware of the dangers posed by drugs.


Bucky made this same mistake before.

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Gregg made a robot.

Have you heard of him?

Seth made this happen.


The patient was hot with fever.

Bring me the first aid kit.

We saw the airplane.